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my bento practice has been paying off

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Oct. 3rd, 2008 | 09:44 am
mood: happyhappy
posted by: catbirdgirl in mr_bento

I'm not currently working, but my husband is. and he had been eating the school lunch (he's a teacher) and I'm like... no, no you're not doing that. so I've been packing him bento lunches and he says it makes him feel loved, on top of being tasty.

some examples over the last week or two-

frozen shrimp and chicken garlic sausage
frozen fetuccini alfredo
tomato and cucumber vinaigrette salad
3 clementines, peeled

chicken and black beans
jasmine rice
fresh cherry tomato and corn salad
frozen cherries and blueberries with vanilla yogurt

he really likes the cherry-blueberry stuff, I do that a lot.

I'm really enjoying this.

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